About Us

Rookies of The Year Clothing Co. is an Urban clothing line that started in October 2014 with a plain white hoodie and a dream. Joseph Cisco, founder of Rookies of The Year Inc., has always had a love for art and was looking for a way to express himself. He started out tie dying hoodies (also known as the Trippy Hippy Hoodie) to sell to the people. That started a wave of other t-shirt and hoodie ideas. Rookies of The Year is family full of talent and we welcome you to be an underrated Champion.

“Rookies of the year is not just a clothing line, but a way of life. People hate being the rookie or being the underdog, but in all actuality, it is the best thing to be. Why? Because when a rookie or underdog revels their talent, everybody is shook. When you think about it, being a rookie really isn’t that bad.”